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Tower of The Wizard: Gameboy Adventure Tower of The Wizard: Gameboy Adventure

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I pressed 'R' by accident and the whole game restarted. T_T

The game is good, but the wall-jumping controls are really bad to a point where it just becomes tedious and sometimes unresponsive. Try playing super meatboy and see how nice it works there. ( Yes, I've read other reviews where the answer was that on mobile it's worse, but that's not a valid answer. You can do better. )

I like the difficulty, it reminds me of old Game Boy games, it's great. Just improve the controls a tiny bit.

Also thumbs up for HaxeFlixel.

Fire Plus Bomb Fire Plus Bomb

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like the concept, it's very unique. Gets a bit stale quickly, but that can be solved. It has potential. Some suggestions :

a) Auto-play the tutorial on first play ( but make it skippable ), started the game without knowing there's a tutorial. Was surprised then later that there was one
b) Combos are not explained well enough in the tutorial and I seem to be too slow today to understand them fully. E.g. first you stack 2 flames, then you are supposed to make a combo right afterwards. What is a combo in this case? Is it multiple explosions in one move, or is it exploding stacked flames, etc...? Is a combo simply 3 flames over 3 bombs that are next to each other? Seems really hard to make combos in the real game in that case.
c) And maybe overthink the combo system, e.g. allow for different kinds of combos to make smaller luck moves more rewarding. It's all about rewards that aren't too impossible. For example :
- Bigger explosion if flames are stacked
- Followup explosions of bombs that are in the row like in bomberman, right now bombs that are taken away in an explosion just explode in the same direction(?) - make them explode in all 4 directions instead ( even with a smaller flame, but at least you have a stack-combo feeling )
- Stronger explosion if you drop the flame on the bomb
e) Maybe wait with the 1 and 2 armor tiles until turn 10 and 20
f) Reshuffle board if no more moves available ( lol )

Cheers to your unique concept - 4 stars mainly to that and hopefully you can make it more enjoyable

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XYsquid responds:

Thanks for your thoughts on this, I appreciate it!

Elephairy Elephairy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

As I'm learning Thai currently, this is a nice reminder game of the consonants!

You could offer more indicators based on high-class/low-class,middle-tone consonants with different fire colors. But it's nice, thanks

Mars Colonies Demo Mars Colonies Demo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

An amazing game, I had great fun with it. No major issues except possibly too easy and of course 6+1 levels are not enough. Other than that, amazing.

Reminds me of Command & Conquer 1 combined with Starcraft without active commands. Absolutely awesome.

Test Subject Green Test Subject Green

Rated 5 / 5 stars

People with laser-problems should get a new pair of patience.

It was delightful.

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Recursion Recursion

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Neat little game. Love the music and layout. Functionality wise a level select would make it more interesting and any method to use the points... as in upload them or whatever. Currently when you finish the game you're stuck with the last level at 0 points or have to replay from the start.

Other than that nice game.

noitcelfeR noitcelfeR

Rated 5 / 5 stars

If you add a level-sharing and rating system like Time FCUK has, this game would be the bomb in terms of longterm playing. It has a lot of potential

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Tentacle Wars Tentacle Wars

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game

The important part is to get the hang of the controls quickly. Keep in mind - the position on WHERE you cut decides upon how much power you transfer between the cells. So if you cut in the middle, half of it will go back to your cell and half of it will go to the attacked cell.

This provides you with a very quick tool in taking over new cells - simply attack them, and cut your tentacle ( once it's attached ) at the attacker cell immediately.

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The Duder Dilemma The Duder Dilemma

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Rainbow puke

This game is awesome. You know when it's enough when you can't hear the word rainbow puke anymore. Was it just me or did it get harder with the jetpack.

BoMToons responds:

Have you ever tried flying a jetpack IRL?

The Room Tribute The Room Tribute

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The spoon

Welcome to The Room [*******SPOILERS********]

Press S to skip dialog

Day 1
1. Go to the bridge on the left. Get the spoon on the rock in the middle of the bridge.
2. Get the red dress
3. Go in front of flower store, get the spoon in left window.
3. Go to electronics store ( up from flower store, and then right ) and buy recorder. Get the spoon on the radio
4. Go into apartment building and check out Mark's mansion to the right. 1st unseeable. Get spoon in the fire
5. Go to Denny's place on the left, check diary for day 1
6. Go into apartment, put the recorder on the phone to the left.
7 Give Lisa dress.
8. Go into kitchen, get spoon from table
9. Back into main room. 2nd unseeable
10. Go up and have nap with Lisa

Day 2
11. Shower, put on good suit, Check diary at Denny's place, go to bank.
12. Talk with Claudette, go buy roses, go back home, give roses to Lisa

Day 3
13. Shower, good suit, go straight to bank
14. Go back home on the roof. Important in the fight : always taunt, and when he makes a stupid face click on him, then attack. This way you'll finish him in 3 rounds and get a medal
15. Go to police, on the way get spoon from car on the cafe. In prison another spoon awaits
16. Bring Denny home, and walk in after him [3rd unseeable]. Read diary
17. Go shower, down, nap

Day 4
18. Suit, bank, home, talk with Claudette, diary, roof, football game, coffee shop
19. Order hot medium chocolate, go home

Day 5
20. Shower, casual clothes, diary, go to alley, football, get spoon from skeleton, shower, go down and kitchen
21. Sandwich : Bread, blue stuff below sink, sponge, dead mouse in corner, bread, other doesn't matter, go to bed

Day 6
22. Get tux, put it on, go home, electronics store, football, go to marks room [4th unseeable]
23. Shower, bed

Day 7
24. Suit, diary, work, coffee, go back in coffee store after going out [5th unseeable], bed.

Day 8
25. Running clothes, Park entrance, spoon on bottom of left tree, talk to mark, football [ both medals if you made no mistakes so far ], run, go back in park, spoon in right bush, go shower, diary, work, bed

Day 9
26. Suit, kitchen, go out ouf home, go back in! [ Last unseeable! ], work
27. Go back home, talk with everyone, read diary, go into home, cool off in freezer, beat mark, push as fast as you can mark
28. Play tape in front of Lisa.

29. Destroy everything, go up, destroy everything, beat the bed 3 times, get the gun
30. Optional : Kill all clerks
31. Destroy crack next to Denny's apartment. Go to bank. Go to park ( Kill policemen on the way )
32. Go back to house, shoot yourself in THE ROOM

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